RMS Titanic In 50 Objects
ISBN: 9780750998550

Titanic The Ship Magnifcent
Design & Construction
ISBN: 9780750968317

Titanic The Ship Magnifcent
Interior Design & Fitting Out
ISBN: 9780750968324

Titanic Or Olympic - Which Ship Sank?
ISBN: 9780752461588

Report Into The Loss Of The S.S. Titanic
A Centennial Reappraisal
ISBN: 9780752461588

Titanic In Photographs
ISBN: 9780752461588

Olympic Titanic
The Truth Behind The Conspiracy
ISBN: 0741419491

Titanic 101
The Great Inforgraphic History
ISBN: 9780752497747

RMS Titanic Colouring Book
ISBN: 9780750978507

Titanic - Solving The Mysteries
ISBN: 9780464619345